Al Masaood Automobiles

Al Masaood Automobiles


For over 40 years Al Masaood Automobiles has been an icon for the UAE’s automotive market, today being the sole distributor for Nissan, Infiniti and Renault in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western region. Al Masaood Automobiles has a world class network of state-of-the art service centers and extensive spare parts outlets. 

Since 2021, Kanari has been engaged with Al Masaood Automobiles as an exclusive customer experience partner, powering the company’s ambitious customer experience transformation. 

What we did

Working hand-in-hand with the Al Masaood CX team, Kanari implemented a continuous, multi-channel CX measurement program covering 12 key customer touchpoints across the automotive customer journey, this includes:

  • Daily measurement of NPS and key satisfaction metrics across all primary customer interactions with the business.
  • Quarterly measurement of satisfaction with fleet, parts and leasing customers.
  • Real-time measurement of CSAT for call center interactions and experience for showroom visits and test drives.
  • Real-time tracking of online ratings and scores on social media pages.

What we delivered

Al Masaood Automobiles leverages the full capabilities of the Kanari CX platform to maximize insights and value to both customers and business. Kanari’s CX solution at AMA includes:

  • A fully automated, multi-channel survey process seamlessly integrated with Autoline Drive.
  • Real-time dashboards for all key stakeholders from the boardroom down to individual front-line sales executives & service advisors.
  • Real-time alerts to members of CX, Operations, L&D and Engagement Center teams.
  • Text analytics to analyze customer comments, highlighting key themes and surfacing the true voice of the customer.
  • Case management to ensure all detractor and first-time resolution issues are addressed and documented for future learning and internal improvement projects.

What we achieved for

Al Masaood Automobiles

improvement in NPS as a result of individual accountability and ownership of the CX

reduction in customer complaints due to proactive outreach based on real-time insights

improvement in NPS as a result of individual accountability and ownership of the CX

Dr. Aysha John
“Kanari has digitized and automated our systems to receive real-time insights from our customers. Thanks to their innovative platform, we are communicating with a very wide customer base easily and listening to their feedback to better understand their needs and taking action to improve their customer journey.”
Head of CX, Al Masaood Automobiles