A happy customer is a valuable customer

Kanari is your partner in leveraging the most fundamental and valuable business strategy: Improving your Customer Experience

Case Studies

How we’ve made a difference

Al Masaood Automobiles

For over 40 years Al Masaood Automobiles has been an icon for the UAE’s automotive market. Since 2021, Kanari has been engaged with Al Masaood Automobiles as an exclusive customer experience partner, powering the company’s ambitious customer experience transformation.

Taiba Hospital

Since 2017, Taiba Hospital’s vision and priority has been to provide patient-centered experience and wellbeing. To assist with this they have chosen Kanari’s experience management platform as a solution of choice to enable and accelerate this journey.

Seven ways Kanari can help your business

Measure and grow customer loyalty

by identifying dissatisfied customers and turning them into brand ambassadors.

Increase NPS and other measurements

by creating clear, attractive and automated survey tools.

Cut out manual tasks for employees

by simplifying, automating and elevating data collection and analysis.

Identify underperforming areas

in the customer journey and address them to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Give management a holistic view

of experience levels across all touchpoints and across every step of the customer journey.

Promote your brand and build online reputation

by driving happy customers to your social media sites and pages.

Empower your staff

to take ownership of the experience and put customers at the center of what they do.